Save on your hotel
Do you notice that hotel costs are rising more and more? It's true that it goes up every year, sometimes dramatically. Room rates in 2021 are expected to increase by 15% compared to 2020. So when you want to decide which hotel has the best deal, you don't just want to look at the hotel's nightly rate as there are many other factors to consider to help you save. Money before booking and during your stay. Here are some tips to help you make the best decision
Search for additional services
The more services it contains, the better for you. But you have to make sure that they are features that you will use, otherwise you will be spending more than you will need. The best extras that can save you a lot are free breakfast, free wi-fi and letting kids eat for free. All those fruit dishes, free coffee and tea in the lobby are included in your room rate, so take advantage of them during your stay.
Become a member to get rewards
Do you usually stay at the same hotel or use the same hotel chain when traveling? If you sign up for their rewards program. You can accumulate points on each stay and you can then use them to get additional services and free nights in the future, in addition, rewards members are informed about exclusive deals that can save you a large amount of money
Check-in at hotels located directly outside the city center
If your transportation costs are less than what you would pay to check in at a nearby hotel, then you can get a great deal this way. You may also consider living in the city's university district. The hotels there are reasonably priced, the restaurants are inexpensive and plentiful, and public transportation is convenient and comfortable
Eating out
While room service may be great, the prices for the food on the menu can be twice what you would pay for the same food in a restaurant. The tip is always included in the invoice price and is usually withheld as a delivery fee. Most guests don't know this so they tip the bill when the waiter brings their food
Choose a suite from the hotel
If you are traveling with a lot of people, a suite can cost much less than adjoining or separate rooms. They offer more space and often have more bedrooms, so not everyone cramps themselves in the same small space and adults don't have to go to bed early so they don't wake their children when it's time for bed.
Ask for a corner room
Although this won't save you any money, the corner rooms are usually a little bigger than the standard rooms, which gives you a better deal for your money. Once you check in, ask if one of these rooms is available and it will be easier for you if you show up a little earlier than check-in time and before guests flock to get their keys. You can also call ahead and request a corner room with your existing reservation
Make reservations for business hotels
Room rates for hotels that get the majority of their business guests lower their prices when the number of visitors decreases, such as weekends and holidays.
Bring your own snacks or go to the grocery store
Anything is better than the prices of what's in the minibar. The prices are very expensive so don't think of trying to exchange it again later
Avoid the weekend
Hotels located in popular and popular destinations raise their prices on Friday and Saturday. In some cases, the price can be 3 times more than between Sunday and Thursday night